Saturday, October 29, 2011

Capturing Developmental transition

During the period  from 2005 to June 2010 ,I used to travel by office car from my house to office . On the way, I had the opportunity to witness many structural changes in the buidlings and on the roads due to developmental activities. 

Wherever I used to travel in a car, it was my habit to take video of the roads and notable buidlings  using my camera or cell phone. I captured two such development works as video  (before and after the transition) and posted them in Youtube.

Approach to Central Station:

The first video was taken in 2008. Initially there were many shops on the footpath in front of the Booking cum Reservation Building which is located on the right side of Central Station in Chennai. Apart from hiding the good view of the building, the shops were hindrance to the people who wanted to use the footpath. After removal of the shops and broadening the footpath, we could have a nice view of the buidling and people started to use the footpath happily. You can see the difference in this video.

Turn on the speakers to hear some good music.:-)

 The two video clips taken before and after the removal of the shops were merged  by me and coverted  as a film using Windows Movie maker.

Flyover at Padi Junction:

Another major development witnessed by me was the construction of Padi Flyover which came as a major relief for the users of Two wheelers and Four wheelers. The waiting time at the junction was drastically reduced after the construction of the flyiver  which was inaugrated on 20.2.2009.

I took two video clips when the construction of the flyover was under progress and two clips  after completion. After merging the video clips using Windows Movie maker, I uploaded the short film in Youtube on 21.2.2009.

Is it not nice to witness such nice developmental transition which is taking place in front of our eyes?


  1. ohh quite a positive change it is! glad i got see the new look.
    so where have all the shops been relocated to?

  2. Glad to get your nice comments.

    The shops were relocated to the Lily pond complex(New More Market) which is located adjacent to the Booking and Reservation counter.

    Also read this article in The Hindu newspaper about the demolition of the shops: