Friday, October 28, 2011


In my last post, I mentioned that I will post my experiences in my life also  in my Blog.

Let me start with the latest experience.It is related to one of the important aspects of our life i.e.HEALTH.

Of late my wife and myself were suffering from some minor illness problems  due to indigestion and we had to take medicines from allopathy,homeopathy and ayurvedha doctors. But the illness continued to co-exist along with whatever medicines taken by us.

Last week ,I had severe ulcers in my mouth and tongue and I was unable to eat and talk due to the pain in the mouth.  I had a feeling of uncomfort in the chest area due to acidity  and  some breathing problem . After consulting a doctor, I started taking medicines for this problem also.

At this stage, I received an invitation to attend   with my wife a Workshop on Health   conducted at Hotel Green Park at Chennai on 22nd and 23rd of this month.

I discussed with my wife about whether we could attend the Workshop for two days (of course it is not a free workshop). Finally we decided to attend it, since we felt that it was the proper time for us to attend such workshop.

The Workshop was conducted by Dr. D.Bharadwaj, who  is a Physician, a psychologist, an adept healer, a yogacharya, an academic, a scholar, an author, a journalist, a social activist and a trainer par excellence. He is regularly conducting  Training in Yogic Self Mastery at Bangalore,Chennai and Hyderabad.

More than 30 persons participated in the workshop and most of them had the opportunity to attend the Training in Yogic Self Mastery conducted  by Dr.D.Bharadwaj. Myself ,my wife and few others only  were new participants.

Before attending the workshop, I thought that the Doctor,  being a Yogacharya ,will talk  in the workshop about Yoga, Meditation, Walking etc for improving our health. But my expectations proved to be incorrect. He never touched these aspects during the sessions on two days.

Dr.Bharadwaj dealt mainly about how good health can be attained through proper Diet. He emphasised during the sessions how the food taken by us in the Modern world spoil our health and dealt elaborately about the food items which are good for health and food items which are bad.  Many participants who had benefitted by his treatment eariler shared their experiences of attaining good health by following his advices on diet.

On both days food items as advised by the Doctor were served  in the Hotel. Some of us could see the improvement in health after taking the diet on the first day itself.

The workshop was very well organised and all the particpants expressed their happiness to attend such useful workshop by Dr.Bharadwaj .

After attending the workshop, myself and my wife started to take the diet and follow other health advices  as prescribed by the Doctor. 

Within two days I find now that there is good improvement in my health with the disappearance of ulcers in the mouth and tongue, good appetite which was not there earlier and relief of congestion in the chest area. My wife has also some improvement in her acidity /stomach ulcer problem. I think it will take some time for her since she is suffering from the problem for nearly a year and also diabetic.

Intentionally I have not covered here about the Diets prescribed by the Doctor, since it is not proper for me to share the details which we learnt in the paid workshop. It would be  better to attend the workshop in person to get the full benefit.

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  1. thats good to know - that you both recovered very well thanks to the workshop
    take care

  2. Sujatha Sathya >>>>Thanks for ur nice comments