Saturday, January 11, 2014

Awareness of Road Safety

Road safety helps in reducing the number of road deaths and injuries. A lifelong approach to road safety and responsibilities of the users changes lots of accidents and range of situation. 

Here are some important Road safety rules:


Always Do’s:
  • Always cross the road at designated pedestrian crossings, overhead bridges, underpasses or zebra crossings.
  • Always be alert for inattentive drivers even at signalized crossings.
  • Always use footpaths when possible.
  • Always hold on to handrails on the bus to avoid being thrown off balance during sudden swerves or brakes.
  • Always wait for the bus to stop fully before boarding or alighting.
  • Always be alert for any oncoming cyclists or pedestrians when alighting from the bus.
Never Do’s:
  • Never sprint across roads.
  • Never cross in front of a stationary vehicle or between stationary vehicles.
  • Never cross when the “red man” lights up or when the “green man” is flashing.
  • Never play nor stand in the bus bay.
  • Never stick out any part of your body when you’re in a bus or in a car.
  • Never play in a moving vehicle.


  • Be patient when driving your child to school, these are peak traffic hours.
  • Always park your vehicle at designated parking areas.
  • Be alert and anticipate any crossings by school children.
  • Teach your children about road safety rules. Set a good example.
  • Help your child to cross the road safely.


Accidents involving the elderly frequently happen because of their diminished sensory and motor skills. But this doesn’t mean that senior citizens cannot enjoy the use of our roads. Help the elderly to enhance their safety by getting them to follow these road safety tips:
  • RAISING YOUR HAND WHILE CROSSING a road is a good way to alert motorists.
  • BE ALERT FOR INATTENTIVE DRIVERS, even when you are walking across allotted pedestrian crossing areas.
  • Always remember to WALK ON FOOTPATHS AND WALKWAYS.
  • USE PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS like overhead bridges, underpasses, zebra crossings, and signalized traffic lights.
  • BE SEEN, BE SAFE. Wear light coloured clothing or carry some reflective material when you’re walking at night.
  • GET ASSISTANCE from someone if you’re going out. Don’t stand too far out when waiting for a bus or taxi.
  • NEVER CROSS AT ROAD BENDS, where you cannot see oncoming vehicles and where they cannot see you. Cross from an area where you have a full view of both sides of the road.
  • DON’T CROSS BETWEEN STATIONARY VEHICLES as these could move forward and run you over.
Source: “Handbook for Road Users” by Traffic Police Department, Singapore

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