Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tirumala tirupati devasthanam senior citizen darshan

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On 2.11.16 myself and my wife  went to Tirupathi and had a nice and peaceful darshan of the deity using the above facility.The facility is really a boon to the Senior citizens and disabled persons who can avoid standing in the queues for hours together to have darshan.
The details of the facility provided by Tirumala Tirupathi Devathanams (TTD )to Senior citizens and disabled persons are given below
Free Darshan of Lord Venkateshwara for Senior Citizens and disabled persons @Tirupathi.
*Everything is free of cost*.
Age criteria 65. Husband wife allowed. Husband should be 65. Wife can be below 65. No accompanies allowed
There are two slots fixed for Senior citizen darshan. One at 10am and another at 3pm.In each slot 700 pilgrims are accommodated.
You have to produce age proof with photo ID and report  at *S 1 counter* under the bridge crossing the road from Gallery to Temple right side wall. No need to climb any steps.
As per the website you are supposed to go to the counter 2 hours in advance. But I noticed that they were allowing senior citizens till 2.30 pm for darshan at 3 pm.
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Woman devotee should wear Saree or Chudidar. Male Devotee should Wear dresses like Shirt and Dhoti. Normal Formal Dresses like Shirt and Pants are also allowed.
Modern Outfits like Bermudas, Shorts, Mini-skirts, Middies, Sleeveless tops, Low-waist jeans and Short-length T-shirts are not allowed. TTD has implemented this rules very strictly. 
From the car parking area at the exit gate of the Temple, a battery car is available to drop you at the counter of entry and vice -versa.
In the counter they will scan your finger print and take a photo of your face and issue a pass with token for Laddus.
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You will get two laddus for which you have to pay Rs.20/-. For more laddus you can pay Rs. 25/- for each laddu.
Good seating arrangement is available in the hall. Drinking water facility and Restrooms are available near the waiting hall.
When you are seated inside ,hot Sambar rice and or curd rice and Hot milk  are provided. 
We were allowed to go inside the temple in a separate queue at 3 pm .All other queues were stopped.We came out of Darshan within 30 minutes after happily seeing the Lord.
After coming out of the temple you have to collect Laddus from the Laddu Distribution centre where you will find a number of counters distributing laddus. In some of the counters they also sell carry bags to take the laddus..
The pilgrim who availed this Special Darshan can not avail the facility again till 90 days.