Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My experience of Blogging.My 400th Post

I am glad to inform that this my 400th Post  in my blog 'KNOWLEDGE SHARING'. In this article I wish to share my experience in blogging which has become one of my hobbies after my retirement.

This Blog was created by me on 27.3.11.  As the name of the blog implies ,I started sharing information relating to various areas like computers,Health,Religion,Travel,Personality Development,General Knowledge,Tips etc.  I have to honestly tell that most of my postings are mainly compilation of articles from other sites like Wikipedia and articles received by way of emails from my friends. Only a few of them are my own articles.

Followers of my blog:

There are 74 followers as on date who joined to follow my blog in the initial years. I have no idea how many of them are still reading my posts. Further these 74 followers joined to follow my blog in the initial two or three years and thereafter no new followers joined. I am unable to find an answer for the abrupt stopping of followers to my blog. 

The blog has crossed Page views of 260000 recently but I think that this is not a good show. Some experienced bloggers adopt many strategies to increase the page views of their blogs which I have not tried so far.

Links to some of Popular posts in my blog:

I give below the links to popular posts in my blog, each of which has more than 1000 views:

Member of IndiBlogger Community:

After a few months of starting the blog, I  joined IndiBlogger, which is the largest and the most active Blogger community. This gave me an opportunity to network with many bloggers from different parts of India and some of them from other countries also.It is really a wonderful experience to go through the various articles covering a variety of topics by these friends in this Community which has helped me to acquire knowledge on those topics. But over these 5 years I have noticed many friends who were active are not active now but many new friends who joined the Group are very active.

My experience of Advertisement links in the blog:

In the initial stage of my blogging days,I tried to give links for some third party advertisements in my blog thinking that it will be a source of income. But after a period of time, I noticed that it was not a good strategy since to get even a minimum amount ,the postings have to be read by thousands of readers which will never happen in my case. As stated earlier it requires some strategies to gain more readers but I have not tried them so far.Further in the case of advertisements posted through some agencies, I noticed  that the time for loading the page took a lot of time and some of my friends and well wishers also reported that in some cases their systems were affected by malware associated with the advertisement. So I decided to stop giving links for third party advertisements in my blog. 

Blog in my mother tongue Tamil:

I have also another blog in my mother tongue Tamil titled என் இனிய தமிழ் உலகம் ( My Sweet world of Tamil) where I post articles on Computer,Tamil jokes,General Knowledge etc. I tried to write and post some poems in Tamil but after some time stopped the same with the realisatiion that I am not upto the mark in that field. I have limited followers and total page views has crossed 110000 recently. Frequency of my posting in this blog is less when compared to my posting in the blog in English.

I thank all the followers of my blog and ,regular readers,sources of my posts and my friends in IndiBlogger Community who find time to read my postings and encourage me by posting comments on the same.