Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Versatile blogger award,200 postings and 25000 pageviews


I am glad to inform that this is my 200th post and it is about the Versatile Blog award received by me. I am also glad to inform that I have reached 25000 pageviews as on today.

Some months back I  received Versatile blogger  award from  Mr Subhorup DasGupta of ' Subho's Jejune Diet' This was the first award received by me from a fellow blogger after joining Indi Blogger.

He has given the following reason for choosing me for the award:

"SVS of Knowledge Sharing. Very popular and very simple. This blog puts out all sorts of information from a rich variety of sources, without too much of opinion or self promotion, and the sheer breadth and sometimes the depth of information put out is enough for it to be on my list. SVS’s genuineness and commitment (time and effort and research) to sharing empowerment with the readers of this blog is amazing."

I decided to post this information after reaching the mark of 200 postings. So in this post I have covered about the award.

When one receives this peer review kind of award, this is what one is expected to do with it

1. Add a picture of the award in your post.
2. Thank the award giver.
3. Share 7 random facts about you.
4. Choose 15 other bloggers to pass the award to and let them know that they’ve been nominated.

Though the first three expectations are very easy to fulfill, the last one of choosing 15 other bloggers to pass the award is very difficult since the number 15 is very very small when we have hundreds of versatile blogger writing in their own style on different subjects. And by this time most of them would have  already received this award. 

1.  Added the picture of the award at the starting of the post .

2. I already thanked  Mr Subhorup DasGupta who gave the award to me. It was really so nice of him  to pass on the award to me with the excellent comments on my blog. 

I also take this opportunity to thank all those readers of Indi Blogger, my friends in Face book and friends in various online groups who  read my postings and give nice comments and encouragement.
3. Seven random facts about me:
    a. Native place: Sholinghur, North Arcot District. A pilgrim centre with two famous Hills.

    b. Education and Job:Completed  SSLC in Sholinghur and studied PUC in Pachaiappa's  College,Chennai  and  B.Sc(Chemistry) in Loyola College,Chennai. After working as Chemistry Demonstrator in  Loyola College  for two years , joined Indian Bank in 1973 where I worked for 37 years  in different capacities and  retired as Assistant General Manager in 2010. 

       After joining the Bank , I got the  CAIIB qualfication in Banking,  Diploma in  Advanced Basic Programming, and PGDCA in Alagappa University. 

   c. Family: Married in 1977. My wife  Uma Sai baba with  MA(English Literature).B.Ed ,qualifications  worked as English Teacher in a Private School and resigned the job last year when she was Head Of  English Department. 

My elder daughter married and settled in Hyderabad. She has a daughter who is studying 5th Std. in the same school where my daughter is working. 

My younger son is working as a Software Engineer and he is staying with us.

   d. My Hobbies: Reading books in Tamil and  English, Listening to music,Watching movies and TV  programs, chatting with Online friends and Blogging. 

    e. Books of my  Interest: In English I have read almost all the books by Alistair MacLean(and  also  saw most of the movies based on his novels during college  days),Jefferey Archer,Sydney Sheldon, Irving Wallace, Leon Uris, Frederick Forsyth, John Grisham, Dan rown,P.G.Woodhouse,JRR Tolkein's 'Lord of Rings', J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter series, C.S.Lewis's Narnia series, my wife's favorite author Georgette Heyer(some books),Stephenie Meyer.  I also read books on Health,Self development etc. 

      In Tamil, my favorite authors are Kalki, Agilan,  Sujatha,Na.Parthasarathy,Sandilyan, Jayakanthan,Tamilvanan, Janakiraman etc. I don't know how many times I have read Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan,Sivagami  Sabatham and Parthiban Kanavu. I like his style of writing combining the past and present.

   f. Best Moments in my life

  •        When I came School First in SSLC examination out of more than 100 students.
  •        When I got   BSC Degree with Distinction Plus
  •        When I was a Student and Demonstrator  in Loyola College. 
  •       When I went on Nine days package tour of Tamil Nadu in 1976 conducted by Tamil Nadu Tourism    Development  Corporation covering most of the tourist places of Tamil Nadu.
  •        My Marriage and initial  starting of married life in Calcutta where my daughter and son were born. (Immediately after my marriage I was posted to Calcutta on promotion  and started my married life).  We spent five years in Calcutta where we had a nice time.
  •       One Month stay in 2008 with my son(who was working there at that time) in USA spending time in   Minneapolis,Chicago,New York and New Jersey.
  •       One Week Stay in Malaysia and Singapore in 2010  with my son(who was working in a different  company).
  •      Spending time with my Grand daughter whenever we visit to Hyderabad or during her visit to Chennai
  •      My son's getting M.S.Degree last month after studying in Aston University,Birmingham
  •      Whenever reading nice comments by the readers of my blogs in English and Tamil
    g.  My disappointments life:

        a) Lack of friends to share my pleasures and  problems. It is my nature to keep alone wherever I go and  not mixing easily with people. Fortunately in the recent years I am connected with about 25 of my   Loyola College   friends (B.Sc.Chemistry batch of 1970) after a period of 40 years and we used to         meet once in two or  three months to spend some time. Even then I feel that I have failed to develop  close friendship with anyone. I have got some online friends with whom I maintain contact  and share my thoughts though I have  not seen some of them in person. 

       b) I have not learnt to drive two wheeler or four wheeler which I find now a days  is my big problem in life since I have to  depend on my son or call drivers whenever I have to go to other places by car.

I think that this is enough about me and now I am coming to the Most important part of this posting. 

4. Choosing  15 other bloggers to pass the award to and let them know that they’ve been nominated.

    It is really very difficult to choose only 15 persons since there are many many bloggers who are writing very good articles on various matters in their own style. Some of the persons whom I have chosen might have already got this Versatile award from other bloggers.

However, I choose the following Bloggers for the Versatile Blogger award:

      1.  Farida Rizwan:   In spite of her health problem, apart from taking

Farida Rizwan
 care of her family ,she is regularly posting articles about her self and her experiences in her life in the following blogs:
                         -Discovering Myself
      2.Ranjith: In his "A light hearted Talk" Blog he posts articles for  happiness in this world. In his own words 

This blog is about: Friendship,Love,Relationships,Happiness,Spirituality .............. And an expression of my feelings and thoughts.

      3.Raj kumar:  I find it difficult sometimes to post even one article per a week in my two blogs. But 

Mr.Raj kumar is maintaining the following blogs and post articles in each blog very frequently:
                          -The Traveller
                          -Money Market Blog
                          - Elixir of Knowledge
                           -Destination of Marvel
                          - Mono-live
                           -Mac and me
                           -Dream Health
I really enjoy reading his articles which cover various subjects and wonder how does he find time to write so much of information in his blogs.

        4. Rajesh Prabhu
Rajesh Prabhu

Travelling across India and captures whatever seen by him and post
 the pictures in three blogs:
                             -Why take snaps?
                             - Lazy clicks
                            - India Travel
             Most of the pictures taken by him and posted in the blog are amazing.
      5. Seema

A great artist and her pictures in 'Seema's Art' blog receives a lot of appreciation. She also selects the themes of her paintings to suit the festival seasons. Her recent pictures on Together till the end,Will wait for you,Labor etc are amazing. She also participates in most of the contests and won the contests. She was one of the first few bloggers who joined in my Network and made nice comments in my postings.  

      6.Sujatha Sathya : 
Sujatha Sathya

Another great blogger in her blog' Conversations(A peek into my life and Times)'  posts articles on her various experiences, her travels to places. She is  also very bold writer giving her views on controversial subjects very boldly. Whenever she posts an article she gets more than 100 comments and somehow I used to be the last person to give my comments :-( .  I got inspiration from her articles and started to post my experiences also in my blog .  
      7.G.Christy Rathnalatha: In her Blog 'Mykitchenflavors-bonappetit'' she is giving recipes  for mouth watering dishes and got many awards for her postings in various contests. 
G Christy Rathnalatha   
There is no doubt that many persons would have been benefited from her recipes.
      8   Deepak Vitthal Doddamani: 

Deepak Vitthal Doddamani

Deepak in his blog postings writes various articles, poems and post beautiful pictures captured by him with suitable descriptions

      9. DeepaK Karthik : Deepak is an Engineering students and maintains the following two blogs :
                                    - Whatever it takes
                                    - The Portico
Deepak Karthik
 He is writing interesting articles in these blogs and he has also received many awards for his blog postings.
     10.Jane Sheba: She is writing about various subjects in her   six blogs listed below.
Jane Sheeba
                              - Pro blogging success
                              -Jane Sheeba
                              -Merry Relationships
                              -Zion Revival ministries
                              - Cooking your way
                              -Tech Buzz online

 She is a Blog consultant and also authored two ebooks to help other bloggers.Her writings are awesome and  I always used to wonder how she is writing on various subjects . I always  read with interest her posts on computers and internet in Tech Buzz online.                              
     11.Padma Priya T.S:  In her Blog "Aalayam Kanden" she is writing about unique and lesser known temples in various parts of India along with the
Padmapriya T S
                  relevant pictures of the temples. She has already received many badges and awards for her posts. 

  12.Arun: Arun in his blog "Passion for Movies"writes reviews of different types of movies
  .In these two years of starting his Blog(2011 and 2012) he has already posted reviews/appreciations about 185 movies

  13.Shrijeet Roy Choudhary:
Shrijeet Roy Choudhary

  A Mechanical Engineer by Qualification, a Techno-Business Analyst by Profession ,he maintains two blogs in his name:
                            - ASS on Fire takes you higher
                             -Point and shoot
In the first blog he covers various topics like humour,philosophy,cartoons etc. All his articles are written in his own  humour style and make us smile while reading.

The second blog as the name suggests consists of wonderful photos taken by him on various occasions.

  14.Ashwini C.N: 
Ashwini C N

Ashwini in her five year old  blog "Just the Way I like" writes about various aspects/experiences  which she has come across in her life. She has already received many awards including Versatile Blogger award.

  15.Saru Singhal: 
Saru Singhal

She is writing interesting articles on various subjects, poems (in Hindi also) ,True stories etc. I like her English poems written in a simple language which are really nice to read.

Note:  I have selected the bloggers for the award from my Network of bloggers in IndiBlogger and I have not listed the names above  in any order. My selection is only at random and since the number is limited to 15 , the other bloggers in my Network should not feel that I have ignored them. In my opinion all the Bloggers will get this Versatile Blogger award since each selected blogger can give the award to other 15 bloggers. 





  1. Congratulations SAIji for this wonderful award.
    And Thank you very much for nomination.

  2. Congratulations Sir and thanks for considering me.

  3. Congratulations sir for the award, and thanks for the honor u bestowed upon me by nominating me for the award.

  4. congratulations Sir for crossing such a big milestone. And really happy to recieve this award from you Sir. Thank you so much :-)

  5. Congratulations Sir,You really deserved the award.I am really very honored and thankful to you for the award.Thanks again Sir....:)

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    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Priya for your nice comments and wishes

  7. 200 posts , 25000 pageviews, awards ... time for celebration! congrats on all the milestones Sir and it was really nice to read about the moments both happy and sad from your life that you shared with your readers

    and thanks for the award and the nice words

  8. AmitAag and Alka Narula>>Thank you for your good wishes

  9. Congratulations and good to know about your family and life. Thanks for passing on the award to me. I am honored Sir.:)

    1. Saru Singhal>>Thank you for your wishes and nice comments

  10. Quite interesting introduction about you, your family and your blog, Mr.Saibaba. My congratulations on your winning a Blogger Award. I used to be writing in my blog earlier(, but gave up as I started focusing on writing books. I don't know whether you would be able to recollect me. With best wishes and regards. T.N.Neelakantan (

    1. I very well remember you Sir. Really nice to know that you are writing books. Thank you for your nice comments.

  11. It was a wonderful surprise to see this post and learn so much about the man behind this incredible blog. Your selection of bloggers to pass the award on to is also equally breathtaking. Congratulations on these wonderful milestones, the posts and the page views, Sir. You are indeed a huge inspiration to all of us who are trying to do our bit to make the world a better place.