Saturday, February 6, 2016

World's Largest Indoor Rainforest

interior tropical forest

Tropical Islands Resort is a tropical theme park located in the former Brand-Briesen Airfield in Krausnick, in the Halbe municipality in the district of Dahme-Spreewald in BrandenburgGermany, 50 kilometres from the southern boundary of Berlin and is housed within the largest free-standing dome in the world. 

This massive airplane-hanger-like structure is 360 meters long, 210 meters wide, 107 meters high, and is supported by 14,000 tons of steel. It is large enough to host 8 entire soccer fields. Even the New York Statue of Liberty (93 meters) could stand upright in it, and the Paris Eiffel Tower (322 meters) could lie in it.

The Dome offers enough space for the skyline of Berlin's Potsdamer Platz including the Sony Centre, the gatehouse and the Daimler Chrysler skyscraper.
interior tropical forest

At 5.5 million m³, it is one of the largest buildings on Earth by volume, and is the world's largest single hall without supporting pillars inside. The structure was commissioned as an airship hangar in November 2000, but the airship it was intended to house – the CL160 – was never built. The company went bankrupt in mid-2002. Two years later, Tropical Islands Resort was opened. 
interior tropical forest

Inside the dome is the world’s largest indoor rainforest with 30,000 trees, bushes and groundcover. There are carnivorous plants, banana trees, coffee bushes, jungle creepers and other exotic plants. A kilometre-long path winds through the forest and a bridge over the mangrove swamp gives great views. The windows on one side of the dome are transparent, allowing real sunshine to come in and nourish over 500 species of plants.
interior tropical forest

Guests can lie on the 200 meter-long man-made beach, swim in the an artificial sea and enjoy warm 26 degrees Celsius weather all year round. The tropical sea is lined with sandy beaches and dotted with small tropical islands decorated with grass huts. Against the grey hangar wall is a backdrop of a blue sky with a few clouds.
interior tropical forest

Surrounding the pools are re-creations of famous architectural wonders from Asia like Angkor Wat, the Balinese Temple Gate, a longhouse from Borneo, and a traditional Thai house. Ponds and canals wind their way around various activity sites, and large Buddha statues are everywhere.
interior tropical forest

The complex is open year round, 24 hours a day, with a multitude of attractions to keep you busy. There is a swimming pool, large enough to accommodate up to 8,000 visitors a day, a 25 meter water slide, mini-golf course, restaurants serving gourmet meals, shopping pavilion, bars, daycares, and even overnight camping on Paradise beach.
interior tropical forest
Tropical paradise even has some environmentally-conscious features, such as recycled water from the swimming pools is used to waters the plant life found inside, which itself grows from custom-made soil made of sand, organic waste, clay, and tree bark. Natural UV light is also able to permeate through the dome and give plants access to sunlight and warmth.
interior tropical forest

And because of the humidity found within, water condensation periodically gathers inside the dome, which then falls back down producing spontaneous rain showers, further adding to the resorts tropical climate.
The resort is located in the municipality of Krausnick, in Brandenburg, Germany, about 60 km south-southeast of Berlin and an hour’s drive away.
interior tropical forest
interior tropical forest
interior tropical forest
interior tropical forest
interior tropical forest
interior tropical forest
interior tropical forest
interior tropical forest
interior tropical forest

Friday, January 29, 2016

Places To Visit In India for shopping

 Administrative Map of India

India is really  a paradise for every shopaholic.The things you can find here cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  From jewelry to handicrafts, from textiles to furniture, you will find endless variety in even the smallest of things. Some of the best things you can buy in India, and the perfect destination you will find them are listed out in this article. 

Hyderabad, Telangana

Hyderabad is one of Indias biggest cities with a prestigious past. The city was a major centre for the Chalukya dynasty. In 1769, it became the capital of the Nizams. Back in the day, it was called the city of pearls and diamonds, and some of it stands true even today.

In Hyderabad, you get pearls of every price and range, of various shades, and of various kinds. You could buy just earrings, or entire pearl sets, but this is the place to get yourself some good old pearl jewellery.

                                            Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu

Kanchipuram otherwise known as Kanchi is a city in the  state of Tamil Nadu, 72 km from Chennai – the capital of Tamil Nadu.The place is famous for many Hindu Temples 
                                         Ekambareswarar Temple,Kanchipuram

Today a typically hectic modern Indian town, it's famed for its numerous important and vibrant temples, some dating from Pallava, Chola or Vijayanagar times, and also for its high-quality silk saris, woven on hand looms by thousands of families in the city and nearby villages. Silk and sari shops are strung along Gandhi Rd, southeast of the centre, though their wares are generally no cheaper than at Chennai silk shops.
                                                                                Kanchipuram SIlk Saree

 Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore is located in the state of Karnataka, 146 km away from Bangalore. It offers great tourist attractions including three palaces - Amba Vilas, Jaganmohana Vilas and Rajendra Vilas. But apart from that, theres plenty to buy in Mysore.

The best option would be sandalwood handicrafts, which are a dime a dozen. You can pick up some really nice hand crafted decoration pieces for your home. The good thing about these products is that the aroma of sandalwood is retained in these products. 

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi or Benaras, located in Uttar Pradesh, is one of Indias busiest cities. Besides, it is also considered the spiritual capital of India.

It is the best place to buy gorgeous Banarasi silk saris, in the most unique colour combinations, and sometimes even with zari work. If you are looking for something expensive, you can buy one with a gold and silver brocade without which your bridal trousseau is incomplete. It is also the perfect place to buy kamandalam (the utensil saints use for drinking water) and other brass-ware from here. 

Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Saharanpur is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, and is full of fertile agricultural land where grains and fruits grow aplenty. However, if you are looking for traditional furniture for your house, this is the place to go.

At Saharanpur, you can find the best carved wooden furniture. If you are looking for old school wooden partitions, you should definitely visit this place.


Tripura, located in north-eastern India, is the third smallest state in the country.

If you are someone who likes minimalism, then you are bound to like bamboo furniture. Its light weight, easy to maintain and classy looking. Tripura is the place to go to for bamboo beds, sofa sets, tables and partitions.

Kolkata, West Bengal

Kolkata(formerly Calcutta), capital of West Bengal, is considered the cultural centre of the country. Apart from vintage buildings, and old school bakeries, Kolkata is a shopping hub too. 

Bengal cotton sarees and Tangail sarees are very famous items to be purchased in Kolkata's markets. 

Every wardrobe is incomplete without at least one of these.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is the place to go to soak in some history. The city is surrounded by forts and mahals that force you back in time.

As far as shopping is concerned, Jaipur has a little too much to offer.  Apart from buying quilts, rajais, silver jewellery and gem stones, you can buy thewa jewellery from here. Thewa is made on molten glass, and gold is embossed on it. One piece of thewa jewellery takes about a month to get ready as it requires fine craftsmanship. It originated during the Mughal era, and very few villages continue to make this jewellery.

Surat, Gujarat

Surat, located in the state of Gujarat, is on the rise in terms of development. Additionally, it is also called the diamond city of the world.

Thus, its obvious that this is your stop to buy diamonds. From uncut raw diamonds to solitaire rings, you will get everything here. 

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Jodhpur, set in the beautiful landscape of the Thar desert is the city of forts, palaces and temples. Evenings here are spectacular, and its a photographer's delight to capture the sunset here.

But more than that, this is another place where you can buy plenty of things. But we suggest you visit this place for the best mojaris. You can get a great variety in these. From very basic pairs to the ones in solid pastel colors, you will find all sorts of mojaris here. For men too!

 Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh

Firozabad is about 240 km from Delhi. It is believed that during the rule of Akbar, revenue was brought in through this city. Apart from having a historical significance, this city is called the city of bangles. The glass bangles, to be precise, are to die for.

Firozabad has a big glassware industry. There are over 400 factories of glass in this place, where articles like coloured glass pieces for chandeliers and so on are made. Make sure you wrap up your trip with a few boxes of bangles.

 Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh is also known as the city of nawabs. This is also the city where you will find the worlds yummiest kebabs. Lucknow is also an important centre of government, education, tourism, music and poetry.

But there's a lot to shop for. Make sure you buy some chikankari work from here. Moreover, Lucknow is also a place you will find traditional fragrances, so don't stop yourself from buying a few tiny bottles of those scents.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tips for saving ink and money while using Inkjet printers

Most of the Inkjet printers cost a lot of money in maintenance since they dry very fast and we have to refill or replace the ink cartridges often.

By following these tips on the right way to use the printer we can save a lot of ink and money.

1) Avoid purchasing  cheap printers.

There are a lot of cheap printers in  the market today. It's important to be careful when buying them as the companies selling them might be looking to make their profit off of the ink cartridges rather than the printer itself. When buying a printer you should always look at the prices of the ink cartridges and their "life-span".

2) Use the right font.

A few years ago, several American students shocked the world by showing that if their government switched to a thinner font, it could save about 400 million dollars a year. While you won't be able to save that kind of money yourself, using a simple and thin font ( Garamond) can improve your ink usage by about 20%.

3) Use the low-quality setting.

Unless you are printing photos or really small items, there is no need to print in the higher printer settings. You can change this in the print setting after you send a document to the printer, usually under "print properties" or something similar. And unless you really have to use color, printing in black and white is recommended.

4) Use recycled cartridges.

Many shops today offer none-original ink in recycled packs, while some even 
offer refills if you bring your own empty cartridges. 

Printer companies claim this might harm your printer, but there is no clear evidence to support that.

5) Try using a refill kit at home.

Some ink cartridges can be refilled with a simple kit you can use at home and it's often very cheap to buy at stores. 

The big downside of this is the potential mess it might create and the work you will need to do each time you use it. However, if these things don't bother you, it's a pretty cheap way to do things.

6) Keep printing.

Just your car tells you it is out of gas even before the tank is empty, your printer will tell you it is out of ink even when there is still some left. This means that you can keep on printing, even with a low ink warming. It just means the writing might be a little grayer. It might also help if you just take out the cartridge and put it back in.

7) Save paper.

Printing paper can be just as expansive as ink and you can save a lot of money by printing on both sides of each page. Most modern printers have an automatic option to do so, you just need to turn it on. Take a look at the printer manual to see how it is done.

8) Save room when printing presentations.

If you are printing a PowerPoint presentation, you can put about 4 slides in a page and still read them with ease. 

This will save you both ink and paper. To do so, just look at the print menu on PowerPoint and change the settings to your liking.

9) Don't print the test paper.

Many printers do a test printing when you turn them on with no real reason. 
Look at the printer manual to find out how to disable this and only use your ink and paper on what you really need.

10) Print something once a week.

If you don't use your printer for a long time, the ink in the bottom of the cartridge can dry out and then the whole cartridge becomes useless. To prevent this just print out a single line of text once a week. 

11) Wait before turning off your printer.

After a print job is done, the cartridge is returned to a protected and closed part of the printer. If you force it to shut down before it can do that, you risk the ink drying up and maybe even leaking.

12) Only print the final version.

There is no bigger waste than printing something only to discover an error and then having to print it again. It is important to double-check spelling and page layout before you print a document to make sure you won't need to do it again.