Tuesday, December 17, 2013

'Lenovo Better Way IndiBlogger Contest'

(I post the following article for participating in "Lenovo Better Way IndiBlogger Contest")

I am at present using Hp touchpad which was given to me by my son which in turn was presented to him by a friend in USA who purchased it when it was launched in 2011.

The following are the configuration of the HP touchpad::

The following applications are available preloaded in the  touchpad::

Web,Email,Messaging,HP App catalog,Memos,Qucik Office,Adobe Readers,Maps,Contacts,Music,Phone & Video Calls,Photos & Videos,Face book,Youtube and Book reader

My disappointments/misadventures with HP touch pad:

Initially I was thrilled to have this HP touchpad since it was the first touchpad used by me. I could download some of the free applications from HP Application catalog. .I could install many photos,videos and songs in the touchpad using the USB cable.But slowly I got irritated with the tocuhpad due to many reasons as given below:

Card based  multitasking : The TouchPad uses card multitasking which is not a user friendly function. When using an application,if you have to open another application we have to minimize the application by pressing the home button and open  another application and I find it irritating  to operate like this every time.

No Support and updates for WebOS: The HP TouchPad was launched on July 1, 2011, in USA with WebOS but in Aug 2011 Hewlett-Packard announced that it would discontinue all current hardware devices running webOS

Since HP has discontinued the support for the Touchpad, there is no updates for the  WebOS platform. The last updated version was 3.0.5 as of January 12, 2012.

Lack of  New applications: I am increasingly frustrated with the lack of applications and HP’s abandoning of the platform. Apart from the applications already provided in the Application catalog, we cannot down load any new application as in the case of Android market where the number of new applications is growing day by day and most of which are free also.

No support for taking photos: Since there is no front camera we cannot take photos with the touch pad.

How Lenova has come to my rescue?

With the above disappointments and misadventures of HP touchpad, I was looking for buying a new laptop with added features and user friendly functions. 

Now I am glad to find that Lenova has introduced  Lenova Yoga 10 tablet  which has many attractive features.

The Salient features of Lenova Yoga 10 tablet:

This is the World's first Multi mode tablet namely Hold mode,Stand mode and Tilt mode.
It is available in two models :Yoga tablet 10 standard model and Yoga tablet 10 Web Exclusive model both available in the price of about $280.  It has very stylish design with increased battery life upto 18 hours.

The Yoga tablet comes with the most famous Android™ 4. 2 JellyBean OS which is mostly used in all Mobile phone platforms and we can download many more applications both paid and free from the web store. Compared to the WebOS platform Android OS is very user friendly also.

The 5.0M rear and 1.6M front cameras let us take high-definition pictures and enjoy crisp, clear video chats. The front camera facility is not available in my present HP touchpad.

The Yoga tablet comes with an optional wireless keyboard which enables the users to operate the device more comfortably. Its weight is also only 1.3 lbs only when compared to HP touchpad's weight of 1.63 lbs. The tablet has also 64GB micro-SD card storage support — perfect for transferring photos or storing large files like movies.

The tablet also comes with the following attractive accessories:

Yoga 10 Tablet Sleeve + Film (Black)
Yoga 10 Tablet Sleeve + Film (Black)
Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard Cover 
Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard Cover (888015721)
Lenovo Headphone 
Lenovo Headphone P950 (57Y6605)
Customer Reviews for Lenovo Yoga 10:

It is not a surprise that with the above excellent features Lenova Yoga 10 has the following customer review rating :
Average Customer Rating
4.2 out of 5 stars (13 Reviews)

Customer Support:

With thousands of support reps in 18 locations worldwide and a deep bench of level-2 technical experts, Lenova provides us quick and knowledgeable help when we need it. They are consistently ranked as a top provider of customer support in surveys.
As the excellent features available in  Lenova Yoga 10 are not available, it is high time for me to move from my existing HP Touchpad to Lenova Yoga 10. Hope that you will also agree with me.
How I'll use the Lenova Yoga 10 tablet in a better way than the present HP tablet?

  • I can take pictures using the front camera and upload in Face book.
  • I can download many free Android applications like Interesting Word games/Memory games  to improve my  memory, utility applications like application for  monitoring my Income and Expenditure, Google map to find the locations and routes,applications for monitoring the performance of the tablet like Memory cleaner etc.
  • I'll use the tablet for making calls,sending messages and also to chat with relatives and friends using applications like Whatsapp, wechat etc.
  • I can use the tablet to effectively edit and post articles in my blogs.

Thus the scope for my activities with Lenova Yoga 10 tablet will increase tremendously.

I have visited the following link of LenovaIndia in Face book and liked the page.There is no doubt that you will also visit the page and liked it.

Lenova Yoga 10 tablet will definitely change the concept of tablet and everyone will love to purchase it . Are you ready to enjoy the stylish Lenova Yoga 10 tablet?


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