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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I am very glad to inform that recently the total Page views of my blog 'KNOWLEDGE SHARING' has crossed 1 lakh with the total postings of 275.

I started this blog in March 2011 .On 13.6.2012, I posted a message about my blog crossing 25000 page views with a total postings of 200. I am glad to mention that within a period of 9 months, the number of  page views has increased by 75000. 
  • I thank all my relatives,friends, friends  of many Online groups where I am a member,my Face book friends and particularly the members of 'IndiBlogger' which is the largest and most active blogging community who are regularly reading and supporting my posts.
  • I thank all the readers of my postings who have posted nice comments about my blog and the postings. 
  • I also thank 73 friends who have added their names to follow my blog.

With out the support and encouragement of all of you,            I could not have reached this important milestone  of my Blogging activity.



  1. many many congratulations Sir on the achievement !! I am long way behind .. I am a frequent visitor of your informative site
    although its not always that I can comment due to this new theme of blogger . I find it very uncomfortable , personally , when I try to scroll the side bar opens up with options .. :D but wanted to congratulate you on your achievement hence managed to comment !! :D All the best for many many lakhs more for a fabulous collection of helpful infos . ( The usage of potato to lower down the taste of extra salt in a soup helped me in an awkward position .. it was all because I had read your article :) thanks again)

    1. mysay>>>> Thank you for your nice comments. Really glad to note that some of the tips are useful to you in real life :-). I have changed the template from Dynamic to my original template which is easy to see the side bar with all the options.

      Thanks again for being a regular visitor to my blog and for your nice compliments.

  2. Many Many Congratulations Sir,
    As a follower of your blog in Indiblogger I must say that i get lot of knowledge reading your blog and have tried imlementing some things shared here . One Eg. Uses of Tea. keep sharing the splendid knowledge you have which helps. There are many less people like you who write to help others . Thanks for sharing . May your blog reach many more milestones.

    Travel India

    1. Thank you Vishal Rathod for your nice comments / compliments and good wishes.

  3. congratulations....wish you many more

    1. Thank you Nandini for your nice comments