Sunday, July 15, 2012

Health benefits of Neem Tree


Neem is a fast-growing tree that can reach a height of 15-20 m (about 50-65 feet), rarely to 35-40 m (115-131 feet). It is evergreen but in severe drought it may shed most or nearly all of its leaves. The branches are wide spread. The fairly dense crown is roundish or oval and may reach the diameter of 15-20 m in old, free-standing specimens.
The tree is native to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. This amazing tree is claimed to treat forty different diseases. All the parts of the tree is used for treating illness, the leaves, fruit, seeds and even the bark all contain medicinal properties.
The use of neem as a medicinal herb dates back over 5,000 years. Today it’s benefits have been proven by scientific research and clinical trials. And, although few of us have access to a neem tree, it can be purchased in the form of oil, powder and pills.
To give you an idea of the healing powers of the neem tree, here are a few names that the people of India have given it, “Divine Tree”, “Village Pharmacy”, “Heal All” and “Nature’s Drugstore”. With the almost ending list of uses for neem, I think it could be called, ” The Tree of Life”!
In treating diabetes, neem has been found to actually reduce the insulin requirements by as much as 50% without altering the blood glucose levels. Take 3 to 5 drops internally each day.
Neem cleanses the blood, stimulates antibody protection and strengthens the immune system which improves the bodies resistance to many diseases.
Used as a mouth wash it treats infections, mouth ulcers, bleeding sore gums and will even help prevent tooth decay!
For pink eye the juice of neem leaves can be used as eye drops, warm 5-10 ml and apply several drops.
To treat jaundice, mix 30 ml of neem juice with 15 ml of honey, take on an empty stomach for seven days.
If you suffer from burning sensations and excessive sweating, add 5 to 10 drops of neem oil in a glass of milk before going to bed.
For acne problems take 2 capsules twice daily, you will start to see results within a few days.

For sinusitis, plain pure neem oil can be used as nasal drops. Use tow drops twice daily, morning and evening.
For athletes foot, soak feet in warm water with 15 ml of neem oil.
Neem oil will quickly stop earaches, just warm some oil and apply a few drops into the ear.
To kill head lice, neem oil should be massaged into the scalp and left on over night. Shampoo your hair as usual the next morning.
Drinking neem tea during an outbreak of influenza will help alleviate some of the symptoms and speed up the recovery time.
For headaches neem powder should be applied to the forehead, neem oil should also work in combating headaches when used the same way.
Blood disorders such as blood poisoning, kidney problems and poor circulation have been benefited by the use of neem.
Neem is highly effective in treating gastritis, indigestion and heartburn. With all of the countless medicinal benefits that are already provided with the use of neem, it is also being studied very closely for a treatment for AIDS, cancer, allergies, diabetes and both male and female forms of birth control!
Neem oil should be stored in a cool dark place, if the oil solidifies it can be placed in warm water to bring back to liquid form.

P.S. Do not use this oil if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant (research indicates that when ingested, this oil prevented implantation & had an abortionist effect as per wikipedia. Although we are using it topically, it’s probably still better to be safe than sorry).


  1. The Neem tree is an institution in itself. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  2. It would be great if you can elaborate this a bit further. For eg. you have mentioned that Neem helps in kidney problems. If it can be mentioned how neem is to be taken whether chewing the neem leaves, oil, etc then it will be of help. Many people have neem leaves in their house. However, they have no idea how to use the raw neem leaves. Lot of interesting facts. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you for your nice comments.Regarding your query on Kidney Problems:

      "As guardians of the blood's purity, kidneys filter out the body's toxins.

      When filtering out tremendous amounts of these toxins after an illness, the kidneys can become overworked. They can also be adversely affected by high blood pressure and infections in the blood.

      To prevent kidney problems, drink neem tea or take neem leaf capsules with barley water at the onset of infection or for high blood pressure (Puri, 1993). This helps the body fight infections and lowers blood pressure,allowing the kidneys to perform under less stress."
      (Also ref:

  3. i knew only a couple of benefits ...thanks for sharing .

  4. Some unusual tips, very informative blog~

    1. Thank you Ghazala for your nice comments

  5. Neem also plays a vital role in removing sun tan..if one takes the vapor of water boiled with neem leaves on their face regularly pimples get bath with the water boiled with neem leaves is also very villages till now many people clean their teeth with the stems of neem..very informative post..

    1. Thank you Ranita for your nice comments and additional inputs on the benefits of neem tree

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  7. Neem tree is a large evergreen tree that grows up to 20 metres in height. Neem leaves, bark, seed oil, powder and seeds of the neem tree are used in medicine. At times, the roots, flowers, and the fruit may also be used. You have over 700 medicinal preparations in Ayurveda, Amchi, Siddha, and Unani medicine. Read more about neem tree