Friday, November 11, 2011

Some Not So Familiar Acronyms ..........

CHESS: Chariot, Horse, Elephant, SoldierS.
COLD : Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease.
JOKE : Joy Of Kids Entertainment.
AIM : Ambition IMind.
DATE : Day And Time Evolution.
EAT : Energy And Taste.
FEEL : Formulated Electrical Energy Language
TEA : Taste And Energy Admitted.
PEN : Power Enriched In Nib.
ACHIEVE: Action, Common sense, Hard work, Imagination, Energy, Vision and values, Enthusiasm

LOVE:  Look Observe Verify Enjoy

TEAM: Together Each Accomplishes More

MOOD: Metrics for Object Oriented Developments

SMILE : Sweet Memories In Lip Expression.
BEST: Building Essential Skills for Tomorrow

BYE : Be with You Everytime.


  1. Nice.. most of those were new to me!

  2. Krishnapriya>>Thank u for ur nice comments

  3. heheh.. they were all so new to me.. enjoyed reading it.. :) :)

  4. SuKupedia>>>>Thanks for ur nice comments