Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seasons Change

We met one autumn morn
As the leaves unfurled woken up by dew
And the wind blew softly on us as we held hands
Feeling blessed to have found new company

We came closer on a springtime noon
Speaking softly the language of heavens
Under blossomed trees that showered upon us
Its blessings in form of flowers that we loved

We became inseparable one summer eve
As the red Sun bid farewell
Dipping its tired head into the sea
On whose shore we stood holding each other

We said Goodbye that winter’s night
As snow fell and the fire of our love died
Leaving us cold, unloved and miserable
Feeling cursed as the darkness enveloped...

(Poem by my son Mr.Deepak Yeshwanth Saibaba)


  1. Adorably good.Lud reading it.He compared changing Seosons with a fading luv.

  2. when i started reading the poem,i was thinking "oh so Sir is a poet also" and then i saw your son's name at the end. how old is your son? tell him on our behalf that its a very nice poem.

  3. Thanks for ur comments and I'll convey the same to my son