Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seven Tips for Killing Boredom

Many senior citizens have a lot of time on their hand and do not know how to kill time. Loneliness and having nothing specific to do are main factors leading to boredom and perhaps depression. We must avoid being bored at any point of time, even for a few hours. It is self defeating attitude and 'entertaining' boredom may ultimately leave us highly frustrated. Here are some tips to ward off boredom.

1. Play some Word game or number games. Even newspapers offer Sudoku, Crossword puzzles, Scramble, jumble and the like. Have a go at it – whatever you are good at.. No age is old for learning new things. I have known my friends swear that Sudoku keeps them occupied.
2. Go for a brisk walk. Do some mild exercise. Just stretch your self, feet and arms. Laugh aloud if you are alone. Learn about acupressure points in your body and massage them.
Any physical activity which gives a break for 20 to 30 minutes will also break boredom.
3. Dust your old tape recorder, CD Player, Radio or World Space unit. Start listening to any music you in which you are interested. When I took to Internet in early Nineties I thought that people Search the Net for Sex mostly. No, I was wrong. Music is most searched for, even today. As they say, music is the soul of life. Listen to some soul stirring music to forget yourself.
4. Pick up your pen and paper and write a letter to a friend whom you have forgotten. Or open your laptop and compose a few messages. They could even be 'official' complaints to civic authorities on local colony problems. Why wait for the Resident Welfare Association to take action? You will be twice blessed for such pro active social work.
5. Pick up a book that have read and would not mind donating it. Write your Name & address and leave a note that anyone that picks ac read and circulate the book again. Leave the book stealthily in a park bench and see furtively who picks it up. If this works for you, read more about "Book Crossing" and do this activity systematically.
6. Go to a nearby park. Seek out another lonely senior. A total stranger is better. Strike a friendship. Then listen to him without any interruption for at least thirty minutes. Once you know the myriad ways in which people keep them selves happy / unhappy, your loneliness will vanish.
7. Meditate. It is the incessant stream of thoughts that are meaningless that bore you. Cease to think. Just sit quietly observing your breath. Wait eagerly and watchfully for a thought to occur. Ignore it. Don't let your mind chain it with something else and extend the process of meaningless wandering. Try to be in thoughtless state for a few minutes. Boredom flies.

All the tips given above are simple and practicable. No money is involved. They will take care of your body mind and soul. Just try and see.

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